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Friday, June 20, 2008


Before you start learning the language you must be sure that you have the right motivation.

Picture this: Would you run a mile on a hot day just because someone asked you?

What if they offered you 25 bucks? 50? 100? 500?

The higher the motivation the less tedious work involved seems.

In fact if you where just running for no reason except that someone told you the chances are that you will quit. Yet, if you have that price in mind you surely will run it!

So keep in mind all of the good results if you succeed. Some may be as follows:

(1) New Job opportunities

(2) Being able to travel places that you want to, with less confusion.

(3) Greater feeling of achievement

(4) More opportunities to find new friends

(5) Being able to teach other's in your new language important things that they may never had much of a chance to hear of.

Keeping this close in mind will surely keep you going!

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