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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Learning the Alphabet

Without realizing it, you learned your first language by learning its alphabet somewhat subconsciously. This allowed you to speak it. Later you learned it formally to read and write. This alphabet was an essential part of learning the language.

Thus when learning to understand, speak, and write a new language you must understand its alphabet. The better that you know and peak the alphabet the easier it will be to speak, read, and write in it.

Thus here are some references:

Chinese: Pinyin is an invaluable tool for learning the alphabet.
Here are some tool’s to understand it:

Great Videos for understanding Chinese Pinyin:

Great video’s for understanding the Arabic Alphabet, TAJWEED:

To learn the other alpabet's try google and youtube for video's.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Learning Tools- Part 1

There is a nice wide variety of learning tools made available. One this page I will list good tools over a period of time.

Live Mocha:
This is a FREE website community with lessons. It is very well spoken of.

Languages Offered:
Chinese (Mandarin)
English and TOEFL

Keep a Good Schedule- Part 2

Well now that you understand what the right kind of schedule is and its importance, it’s time to consider when to practice and goals to keep when you practice. This will better improve your schedule.

When to Study

1) When you are least distracted- This may involve studying in the mourning, late night, or when you can go to the library.

2) At a time that you can keep a steady practice date and time- this will make your study easier to keep

Goals to aim for:

1) Learn a word a day. Next learn 5 a day when you can. Then 10 and so on. You should be able to do about 20 a day when you are moderately good.

2) If you have a computer program or book set reasonable goals, such as a chapter a week.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Have a Good Schedule

Having a good schedule and sticking to it is necessary.

Many find it easier to just study a little bit each day, rather than studying a whole bunch every once and a while.

This makes it a lot easier to do and enjoy.

Plus you retain it better.

Try pouring a little water to a stack of four paper towels. If you just put a tiny bit in it will hold it and absorb it.

Now try doing the same by pouring a whole glass of water. It’s not likely it can hold it all in and it will most likely not absorb as much as in the first project.

Yes you don’t overwhelm your brain and you thus understand more.

Plus as it’s constantly put into your mind each day it is bound to sound it into your brain much better than an occasional high dosage of study.

Friday, June 20, 2008


Before you start learning the language you must be sure that you have the right motivation.

Picture this: Would you run a mile on a hot day just because someone asked you?

What if they offered you 25 bucks? 50? 100? 500?

The higher the motivation the less tedious work involved seems.

In fact if you where just running for no reason except that someone told you the chances are that you will quit. Yet, if you have that price in mind you surely will run it!

So keep in mind all of the good results if you succeed. Some may be as follows:

(1) New Job opportunities

(2) Being able to travel places that you want to, with less confusion.

(3) Greater feeling of achievement

(4) More opportunities to find new friends

(5) Being able to teach other's in your new language important things that they may never had much of a chance to hear of.

Keeping this close in mind will surely keep you going!

The Purpose of this Blog:

Have you ever desired to learn a new language? Spanish? French? Mandarin Chinese? Do you have a family member that speaks a different language? Have you ever desired to travel? Do you have a job opportunity that requires you to start learning a new language? Or would you like a rewarding new hobby?

This site will give you guidance to do just that, and at fast pace speed!

I will post new segments continually to provide great direction, support and instruction. Best wishes on your way!